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Silberbauer Organ

V prosinci 2021 vyšlo u Arta Music sólové CD Kateřiny Málkové "Silberbauerovy varhany ve Vranově nad Dyjí" v rámci plánovaného cyklu CD "Varhany v Podyjí".

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The recording "Silberbauer's Organ in Vranov nad Dyjí" is the first work of organist Kateřina Málková in the planned cycle "Organs in Podyjí". It aims to map the essential historical organs in this region on both the Czech and Austrian sides of the border.

The first captured organ is in the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Vranov nad Dyjí, which has retained its original sound character.

The series of recordings follow the festival "Silberbauer's Musical Podyjí", of which Kateřina Málková is the founder, dramaturge and director, and focuses on instruments of the Znojmo organ school. The choice of repertoire is adapted to the layout possibilities of the baroque organ. The organs are conditioned by the facts of the short octave.

The CD was published with the financial support of the State Fund for Culture and the Opus Organum association.

CD Varhany - Kateřina Málková
Státní fond kultury ČROpus Organum z.s.